I have known Mariana Darida for 15 years. In my experience with her services I found her   

to be extremely professional and proficient. Mariana is at the top of her field and is very competent and 

knowledgeable of her work. Her performance as electrologist is highly skilled and I would very much 

recommended her without any hesitation whatsoever. I am very satisfied with the results I received. Her appearance, 

manner and character are extraordinary. Her office is impeccable and she runs her business very successfully. 

Sincerely C. Pignotti 


To Whom It May Concern: 

I have been a client of Mariana Darida for approximately two years. I am very satisfied with her services as an electrologist 

and her professional standards. 

S. A. Olsen 


To Whom It May Concern: 

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mariana Darida. I am a devout client ( I have been going to her clinic for almost ten years) 

From the start, she was extremely professional. She always tried to accommodate my scheduling needs, and, always friendly, 

Mariana helped to make me feel comfortable during my appointments. She's also incredibly efficient. She has cleaned-up my 

entire bikini line, upper lip, and I'm almost done with my underarms. 

Mariana's reputation precedes her. I have to dozen of clients who are as happy with her as I am. We feel grateful to have found her, 

and know that she remains in keeping with her original business practices to this day. Therefore, I feel confident when referring any 

new clients to her, and know that they will be more than satisfied with their results as well. 

For the above reasons, and more, is why it's a known fact that mariana runs the most successful electrolysis practice in the city. 

D. H. Anking 


To Whom It May Concern: 

As a client at Mariana's Clinic LTD for the past 7 years, I must take this opportunity to laud the professional methods employed by 

Mariana Darida. Not only are she and her employees always dressed in a professional manner, but the cleanliness of the office and 

sterile techniques she uses are above reproach. As a medical professional, myself, this is something that I looked for in choosing an 


I have recommended Mariana's Clinic many times to friends and co-workers and have always received positive responses from them. 

M. S. Billings